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Museum is an ongoing artistic research in which Liškevičius interprets, with subtle wit, fairly recent collective Soviet Lithuanian history and recreates it from the individual perspective of a fictional artist, inserting autobiographic elements. Through its atmosphere, which is saturated with everyday objects, Museum also confronts the viewer with the thorny issues of the artist’s relationship with a totalitarian regime, cultural isolation, and the search for Western values both in Soviet Lithuania and the entire Soviet Union.

Modernisation Freetime Artist

Within a dense installation (a cabinet of curiosities) created using the language of contemporary art, the viewer is immersed in events of controversial political (?) protest that were initiated in occupied Lithuania and Leningrad by three ambiguous revolutionary figures during the 1960s–80s. Dainius Liškevičius rewrites the history of Soviet Lithuanian art, proposing that these events be interpreted as cases of underground art, political performance, and art destruction that were prohibited in those times and thus did not exist.

Lithuania has always to choose a new place for its national pavilion, and this year it will be located in a garden in a separate house that resembles an underground bunker. The performative opening of Museum as the national pavilion with the raising of the flag is intended to introduce into the international field of art politics the issues of patriotism and an artist’s (political) freedom which Liškevičius reflects upon.

Press contacts: curator Vytautas Michelkevičius,, tel. +370 662 45216